Immigration Through The Canadian Self-employment Program

Canada’s Self-Employment program attracts skilled applicants who want to immigrate to Canada. Applicants for the Self-Employment Program must have the intention and ability to establish a business in Canada that will at least create employment for themselves. To apply for a Canadian self-employed visa, also known as an artist and athlete visa, a person must show that they have the necessary background and experience in their field of work. In this method, it is possible to apply for a visa for your spouse and children under the age of 21, note that having documents at the international level will help you a lot.

Work visas in Canada are rated like other immigration methods in this country, and factors such as age, education and conditions of the applicant’s spouse will also be effective. Since, in this method, the person receives permanent residence from the very beginning, the possibility of applying for citizenship is provided for him after a short time.

Canada’s self-employment method, like other work methods, is designed based on a scoring system. Through the self-employment plan, people with the necessary conditions can get permanent residence in the country along with their families. This process has its complexities, and applicants should use the advice and experience of our reputable immigration lawyers in this field.